February 22, 2017

¿Qué Pasa? 1

¿Qué Pasa? 1 has been developed to address the needs of today’s Spanish teachers and their students.

Student Textbook

  • Adopts a communicative approach which focuses on oral proficiency, listening to and understanding the spoken language
  • Uses interdisciplinary teaching methods and an integrated approach to the development of language skills (reading, writing, listening, speech and conversation)
  • Suitable for mixed-ability classes
  • Student-friendly layout, with modern, full-colour design and vibrant photos and creative illustrations
  • Each unit begins with a checklist of the conversation, speech, listening, reading, and grammatical skills the student will learn
  • Reading and writing exercises incorporate students’ own lived experiences bringing the real world into the classroom
  • Uses authentic texts and covers themes that provide the building blocks for language learning
  • Culture notes in each unit develop students’ socio-cultural knowledge and promote intercultural awareness
  • Group and pair work fosters peer-to-peer teaching and communicative language learning
  • Task-switching, problem-solving, mini-projects and self-assessment tools develop critical thinking skills
  • Guided questioning that explores the structure of the language to find underlying patterns
  • Students learn to use grammar in context, supported by practice exercises


Diario de aprendizaje

  • FREE learning diary that allows students to put their new knowledge into practice
  • Develops reflective and independent learning and is integrated with the textbook
  • Test your knowledge’ activities and vocabulary exercises for each unit offer assessment opportunities
  • Students can keep a record of new vocabulary and key grammar points to aid revision


Free Student CD

  • FREE student CD with integrated listening exercises that focus on both conversation and pronunciation
  • Allows students to listen to native Spanish speakers and practise their vocabulary at home



  • FREE mini-whiteboard to encourage whole class participation and feedback


Teacher’s Resource Book and CD

The student textbook is supported by the ¿Qué Pasa? 1 Teacher’s Resource Book:

  • Summative assessments for Assessment of Learning
  • Sample lesson plan and a scheme of work
  • Free Teacher’s CD with integrated listening exercises that focus on conversation; allows students to listen to native Spanish speakers
  • Additional cultural information and photocopiables
  • Aligns to the Junior Cycle MFL Specifications
  • Solutions to activities
  • Supplementary grammar exercises
  • CD transcripts included
¿Qué pasa? Resource Book Cover


Digital Resources

¿Qué pasa? 1’s wide range of digital resources support the New Junior Cycle Specification’s emphasis on the use of modern technology in the classroom and are designed to cater for different learning styles.
Each unit is supported by digital resources and they are integrated for easy reference and lesson planning. Teachers can access the ¿Qué Pasa? 1 interactive e-book at www.edcolearning.ie, plus a bank of free digital resources, including:

  • FREE student website with interactive grammar and language activities and quizzes
  • Easy-to-use, ready-made editable PowerPoints for the classroom
  • Unique interview videos with students for each unit to support oral communication
  • Follow-up worksheets for every video
  • Solutions to activities
  • Audio CD tracks available in digital format.


FREE e-book